When Voodoo Vince was first released on the Xbox in 2003, it didn't come with in-game achievements. As of 2017, however, the remastered version has been released on both Steam and Xbox One with 41 achievements now available to unlock.

Story-based Achievements Edit

Achievement makinbacon

Makin' Bacon Edit

Squash Big Pig
Achievement greatdollsoffire

Great Dolls of Fire Edit

Blow up Reggie & Primo
Achievement allthatjazz

All That Jazz Edit

Play a trumpet with Bones in The Square
Achievement waytoobossy

Way Too Bossy Edit

Defeat Chompicus in the Museum
Achievement persistentlittlefella

Persistent Little Fella Edit

Get all parts for Ethel's balloon
Achievement oneheadisbetterthantwo

One Head Is Better Than Two Edit

Defeat Janice in the Central Arena
Achievement deadeye

Dead Eye Edit

Shoot Vince through hole in the wall
Achievement careerpotential

Career Potential Edit

Win Zombie Guidance Counselor
Achievement fasterthanlights

Faster Than Lights Edit

Open crypt in Gwistlethorpe Mausoleum
Achievement niceridinpartner

Nice Ridin' Partner! Edit

Win the Rat Race Rodeo
Achievement thishouseisclean

This House Is Clean Edit

Complete all of Dolly's quests
Achievement goodbyedolly

Goodbye Dolly! Edit

Defeat Dolly and her poodle minions
Achievement locallysourced

Locally Sourced Edit

Beat the Sausage Factory
Achievement souschef

Sous Chef Edit

Get all ingredients for Jimmy
Achievement swampcaptain

Swamp Captain Edit

Beat Jimmy's Fanboat Race
Achievement zombiedustinthewind

Zombie Dust In The Wind Edit

Defeat Hurricane Hanna
Achievement hewassohandsome

He Was So Handsome Edit

Defeat Evil Vince
Achievement electricalcontractor

Electrical Contractor Edit

Activate all generators at the Carnival
Achievement wreckingcrew

Wrecking Crew Edit

Beat the Kosmobot and win the game!

Other Achievements Edit

Achievement beadsfordeeds

Beads for Deeds Edit

First monster killed
Achievement whodoyoudo

Who Do? You Do. Edit

First use of Voodoo Power
Achievement watchthatfirststep

Watch That First Step Edit

Fall to your death in a bottomless pit
Achievement notseaworthy

Not Seaworthy Edit

Fall into water
Achievement publictransit

Public Transit Edit

Take your first Trolley ride
Achievement itsgotwhatdollscrave

It's Got What Dolls Crave Edit

Collect 100 Dust Bags
Achievement goodcatch

Good Catch Edit

Collect first power Skull
Achievement softlanding

Soft Landing Edit

Hover for longer than 10 seconds
Achievement tinear

Tin Ear Edit

Play the trumpet badly for the jazz man in The Square
Achievement xrayspecs

X-Ray Specs Edit

Use All-Seeing Eye to see stuff.
Achievement swingtime

Swing Time Edit

Use Swing Pin move for the first time
Achievement theoldfashionedway

The Old Fashioned Way Edit

Kill a bubba gator without using a Voodoo Power
Achievement bakersdozen

Baker's Dozen Edit

Kill 13 monsters with a single Voodoo Power attack
Achievement dizzydestruction

Dizzy Destruction Edit

Kill 100 enemies with spin attack
Achievement pagesfortheages

Pages for the Ages Edit

Collect all Skull Pages
Achievement arsenalofouch

Arsenal of Ouch Edit

Collect all Voodoo Powers
Achievement powershopper

Power Shopper Edit

Visit all shops in the Square
Achievement cranialcompletionist

Cranial Completionist Edit

Collect all Power Skulls
Achievement tidyinguptheplace

Tidying Up The Place Edit

Collect all Dust Bags
Achievement flailorama

Flail-o-rama Edit

Beat Zombie Guidance Counselor without using Voodoo Powers
Achievement headgames

Head Games Edit

Kill monsters with a head slam from above 50 feet
Achievement vincedestroyerofworlds

Vince: Destroyer of Worlds Edit

Kill 1000 enemies with Voodoo Powers