The Bone Goliath, also known as Chompicus, is the first boss in the game Voodoo Vince. The Bone Goliath is a large T-Rex skeleton that remained untouched compared to everything else in the Museum. That is until Kosmo shows up. Vince gets startled by the large skeleton, before the museum doors slam shut. Kosmo then shows up, laughing maniacally before bringing the Bone Goliath to life!

Appearance Edit

The Bone Goliath is the large, skeletal remains of a T-Rex. It has purple eyes and sharp teeth. It's arms seem to be longer then that of an actual T-Rex.

How To Defeat Edit

All you have to do to defeat this skeletal behemoth, is get Vince to put on the Lightning Cap. Then all you have to do, is flip two switches to open the windows to let the lightning in, all while dodging the Bone Goliath's attacks. Once you flip the switches, head back to a specific spot, hit the X button, and watch in glory as Vince gets electrified, frying the Bone Goliath in the process.

Trivia Edit

  • When the Bone Goliath falls to his death, there can be a splash heard. This same splash sound effect can be heard when the second boss, Two-Eyes is defeated.
  • The theme that plays when facing the Bone Goliath is titled "bossbattleplaceholder01".

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Achievements Edit

Achievement waytoobossy

Way Too Bossy Edit

Defeat Chompicus in the Museum