Brusque Manor is the fourth world in Voodoo Vince and home of the living rag doll, Dolly. The area consists of a large haunted mansion (or possibly an old plantation) and has a total of seven levels. In order to enter Brusque Manor, Vince must distract the Watchdog on the front porch. This Mansion is also where the Swing pin is introduced (at the second last level of the house).

Objective Edit

First, Vince must visit Dolly who will take him to the Carnival after he destroys the eight monster eggs, five Unwanted Guests and three in the trophy room. Then Ask her directions wich ill be the attic, then Glowberry Tangle (where he's going to meet the swing pin) and finally he's there in its miniature sized version, but then Kosmo the Inscrutable comes around and turns Dolly Evil.

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