"An underground kingdom of pueblo-like terraces, tunnels, and bridges, Roachfort is full of burrowing animals and creepy-crawly bugs—things you’d fi nd under any overturned rock. Rumor has it that a reclusive scientist has constructed a secret laboratory here."
— Xbox Game Manual

Roachfort is the second area in the game, consisting of seven (or eight) non-consecutive levels. The Central Arena is both a hub-level and the location of a boss battle.

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Two items for the balloon are delivered with vehicles

After defeating the Bone Goliath, Vince falls down a pipe and finds himself in the underground city of Roachfort. It is here that he meets Professor Ethel, an egotistical turtle who is trying to make a balloon that will take them back to the surface.

The professor sends Vince through Roachfort to gather three supplies for the balloon - cloth, gas, and a propeller. When complete, the balloon fails to take off due to too much weight. The professor, choosing between her personal belongings and Vince, decides to throw Vince off.

After defeating the "obligatory boss battle", a two-headed cyclopean lizard named Two-Eyes, Vince finds a tank of helium which he uses to inflate himself and rise to Crypt City.

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The Rochefortians

According to Clayton Kauzlaric,[1] one idea scrapped during the game's development was that Roachfort would be populated by "effete French cockroaches who still thought it was the 18th century... hence the name. The Rochefortians were to be vain and silly. They believed the surface world was a myth and that their dank sewer was the center of the universe. Someone like Vince wouldn't fit their world view, so he needed to travel in disguise using a tattered, unconvincing cockroach costume."

Another scrapped idea was that Professor Ethel would use Vince himself as balloon material, which would become a mini-game where Vince had to steer his way past sharp pointy things as they ascended to the surface.

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