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Voodoo Vince - The Bayou Crawdad Jimmys XBOX Gameplay

Voodoo Vince - The Bayou Crawdad Jimmys XBOX Gameplay

The First level of the Bayou.

The Bayou is the fifth area in the game Voodoo Vince. The area consists of a large Bayou being a "Hub World" to four other smaller levels.

In this area, Vince has to bring Crawdad Jimmy, onions, sausage and Crawfish for his gumbo. This area also introduces Vince to water transport. The area's in The Bayou are Jean Lafitte's Ship, The Sausage Works, Earth Water and Wood, and finally, Jimmy's Fanboat Race. After the ingredients are delivered, Jimmy offers Vince a swamp boat race while his gumbo rests. But after the race, it is revealed that Crawdad Jimmy was just stalling Vince and buying time for Kosmo the Inscrutable to show up. Kosmo then uses his zombie dust to turn the smoke from the gumbo into Hurricane Hannah (the Boss) and Vince needs to pull the three switches to blow Hannah's debris away, then swing towards a windmill to shred himself to Damage her (but the sequence must be performed three times).

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