Crawdad Jimmy is the first person Vince meets in the Bayou. He is an obese man who claims to own the swamp that Vince needs to get through in order to save Madam Charmaine. Jimmy offers to guide Vince across his swamp to get to the Carnival DePrave, provided Vince supplies him with required ingredients for his gumbo.

Personality Edit

Jimmy comes across as a person of low intelligence, as he confuses Vince with a 'little monkey'. He also seems to have a fairly selfish attitude, because when Vince asks him to help him reach Kosmo's carnival, Jimmy says "Crawdad Jimmy don't do nothin' for free!" However, Jimmy did allow Vince to use his toy airboat while he retrieved the ingredients. (Mainly because he had one better)

The taskEdit

Crawdad Jimmy offers to help Vince reach the Carnival Deprave, but only if he can find the three ingredients for Jimmy's "perfect gumbo" the three ingredients are onions, sausage, (made from assorted cute animals) and a nice big juicy crayfish.

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Achievements Edit

Achievement souschef

Sous Chef Edit

Get all ingredients for Jimmy
Achievement swampcaptain

Swamp Captain Edit

Beat Jimmy's Fanboat Race