"Cajun Clyde's yummy, patented, Jalapeno-Gingerbread recipe."
These dangerous living gingerbread men are only found in the Back Stoop. After his first encounter with Kosmo The Inscrutible's disembodied form, Vince enters the final room in the area and meets these scary and violent baked goods. Only found at the end of the first level of the game.

Three of these monsters can be seen next to a large oven.

Ways To Defeat Gingerdead MenEdit

  • Like all other monsters, a Gingerdead Man can be defeated by Vince's basic punch and spin attacks.
  • A Voodoo Power (although Voodoo Icons are harder to find in this first area.)

NOTE: All Gingerdead Men must be destroyed at the same time otherwise, when one is killed another will come out of the oven to replace him. (A Voodoo Power is not enough to do this.)


  • To kill all the Gingerdead Men, Vince must jump into the large mixer/grinder while it is running, and diffuse the oven.