A yellow Imp approaching Vince

Imps, sometimes known as Cemetery Imps, are mischievous monster minions of Kosmo the Inscrutable. Imps are wicked little devils who love nothing more than to cause mischief.


Following the kidnapping of Madam Charmaine, Kosmo the Inscrutable created and called forth several types of monsters to impede Vince's rescue attempts of her, such as Imps.

Vince first encounters Imps in Crypt City, whom generally replace Pit Frogs and Killermadillos as the primary ground monster enemy. Imps are also found in strong numbers at Brusque Manor.

Imps are found in the first four levels in Crypt City, Unwanted Guests, the Trophy room (Brusque Manor(From Monster eggs)) and the House of Mirrors (from Evil Vince). They drop all three bead colours and some zombie dust motes when defeated.


Imps come in two primary colors, red and yellow.

Behavior and abilitiesEdit

Imps generally hop around a certain area, they can patrol an area individually, but they generally do so in large groups. When an Imp spots Vince, they will proceed to hop toward Vince to attack. Imp's only means of attack is to swipe at Vince with their clawed fingers. However, since they generally travel in large groups, a mere swipe attack can overwhelm Vince if he isn't careful. Imps are also capable of blocking Vince attack by using their arms.