Jeb and Fingers are Kosmo's clumsy henchmen. They don't seem to act in protest to his plans at all and seem to do whatever he says despite many reasons not to. They both have a very disheveled appearance as if they don't have time to take care of themselves when in Kosmo's employ. In fact they probably don't even get a paycheck from their boss so the reason they probably only do his bidding is out of having no other options available to them so they're pretty much Kosmo's slaves. As seen in one of the game's cutscenes when they drop the sign they were carrying into their boss's face showing they're just as incompetent as their boss. Kosmo dislodges it from his face by turning back into a human after being told by Jeb he's disembodied. Then the sign falls onto Fingers' foot to which Fingers says his only line in the game "Ahhhh the pain!" but Kosmo doesn't seem to show any concern about this and just tells them to hurry up with the sign and get it to "The Big Top" and that everything must be ready for when Madam Charmaine's "little friend" arrives.

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