"I'm a little busy right now, I'm looking for my boss. Sturdy, magical lady, wearing a whole lot of rope."

Madame Charmaine (alternatively spelt Madam) is Vince's creator and the owner of the Zombie Dust. She is kidnapped by Kosmo's henchmen and is the main plot point of the game.


Madame Charmaine is a kind woman and runs a Voodoo Shop in New Orleans. She states that she helps people with her Voodoo Powers, but how is unknown. She can get angry at times though. For example, she is angry at Vince for leaving her in the Kosmobot after destroying it.

Trivia Edit

  • On the (in-game) Voodoo Shop window, Charmaine's title is spelt "Madame", whereas in the Xbox game manual and in-game subtitles, it's spelt "Madam".

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