Main Street is the third level of the game which is home to the two mean gas pumps, Reggie and Primo. They are only defeated with fire and after their defeat, as Reggie is still alive, a gas tank and the Alien attack Voodoo icon shows up. This level is also where the Skull pages and Power Skulls are introduced. After carrying a fuel tank towards a steamroller (Where the First drop fly of the game is), it will Crush Reggie flat as a pancake and open the jammed gate that leads to the square.

Voodoo Vince HD Test HD Saving Quality

Voodoo Vince HD Test HD Saving Quality

Vince on main street

Skull pages and SkullEdit

Voodoo Vince Walkthrough XBOX Part 2 Main Street

Voodoo Vince Walkthrough XBOX Part 2 Main Street

100% Walktrough on Main street

Five Skull pages are in a small jumping pattern close to where the Power skull will spawn

Vince is about to interact with the skull in Main Street.

, and the others are located close to the trolley station in a dropping pattern. The Power Skull will Spawn at the checkered floor close to a pipe hatch, Proceed through the arena where the Electromagnet Voodoo Icon was picked up, then advance trough the fire pipes and land on the truck, close to the Trolley stop.


There are Thirty Zombie dust bags, fifteen skull pages and four hearts.


If Vince gets caught on a propeller, he will hold onto one of the blades and spin around until a certain period of time.

Reggie can still talk even though when he's blown up (before getting flattened), though Primo is shy and his head isn't on the street after being blown up.