The Main tunnel is the main intersection of two blocked items for the balloon which is behind Two Blocked tunnels. One in the centre is the propeller room and the one at the end is the Rocket lab. There are fifteen Zombie Dust Bags and

How to CompleteEdit

There are two water wheels in one of the passages. at the end of the tunnel is a lever, pressing 'X' will activate it and turn on the water wheels. At the platform above the wheel is an extra life and a lever. You will need to find your way up to activate the switch. Go back to the main tunnel and you will find a lever in the same room where the water wheels were activated. use the switch to start the platforms moving down. Jump up the platform to activate the switch up there. This will release the Killadillos. Stand in front of the blocked entrance, double jump when they are heading towards you. This will blow open the two blocked tunnels. You can access the Propeller Room and the Rocket Lab now.


The laxdative Voodoo Icon is accessible at the top of the first room from the right. Vince will head to a passageway back to the Proffesor's place (But he shouldn't return to the lab empty handed).