"What, no cash? Some piggy bank."

The Piggy Bank of Doom is a large metal piggy bank monster that serves as a mini-boss.


Formally, before its creation into a monster, it was merely a large metal piggy bank statue that served as the mascot of the Last National Bank of the Big Pig, located in The Docks in The Quarter area.

However, as means to impede Vince from being able to advance beyond The Docks, Kosmo the Inscrutable used his magic to enchant the piggy bank statue into a monster, which he referred to as the Piggy Bank of Doom.

Much to Vince's annoyance, the Piggy Bank of Doom was one of the laziest monster he had ever seen, and impeded his progress by merely sleeping right in front of exit of The Docks. Vince would eventually discover a pair of Cymbals to wake the beast, only to lure it to step on a switch, resulting in safe crushing Vince, which in turn crushed the Piggy Bank of Doom to death.

Vince was somewhat disappointed upon the defeat of the Piggy Bank of Doom, grumbling that it didn't drop any cash.

Achievements Edit

Achievement makinbacon

Makin' Bacon Edit

Squash Big Pig