"Pit Frogs infest the bottomless pits in the region. Watch your step!"
Pit Frogs are first seen in the Back Stoop, and last seen in the Midway. These monsters will attack Vince with their quick tongues and hurt him severely, draining a lot of his health. Pit Frogs come in a few different sizes, each with it's own amount of health points. They're found in the first four levels of the Quarter, the Midway, and summoned by Evil Vince in the House of Mirrors.

When killed, these monsters drop Mardi Gras Beads and Zombie Dust.

Attacks Edit

  • Pit Frogs have a long yellow tongue that they use to attack Vince.
  • Like all other Monsters, if Vince touches or runs into Pit Frogs he will lose health.

Ways to Defeat Edit

  • A Pit Frog can be defeated by Vince's basic punch and spin attacks.
    Voodoo powa

    Vince using the Chainsaw voodoo power on a bunch of Pit Frogs

  • A Voodoo Power is ideal when Vince is surrounded by many Pit Frogs at a time.