Porch Pooch is the first level of the Brusque Manor section of the game. You start off into the front yard of an old (Possibly abandoned) haunted manor. Basically this level is the Pre-level of the Brusque Manor because after it is the main intersection leading to the other levels.


Vince just waiting in front of the porch.

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Chicory the Brusque Manor dog.

Main Goal in the LevelEdit

The main goal in the level "Porch Pooch" is to get inside the "Brusque Manor." Only problem is is that there is a navy blue dog named, Chicory, infront of the door. If you go near Chicory, Chicory will pick you up with his mouth and throw you to the front of the yard again. What you must do to go past the door is to distract Chicory away from the door to get inside. 

How to beat the levelEdit

The only way to beat the level is to run/walk to the shed on the left side of the board and go inside to pick up the yellow highlighted record disc. Once you have the disc, you may go to the otherside and put the disc onto the record player. You can turn the crank and the record player will start playing music. Once the music plays, Chicory will run towards a stuffed doll somewhat similar to Vince and start chewing on it for a good 10 seconds at least. So you must run towards the door intime before chicory gets back to the door otherwise you'll have to play the music again. 

One thing you will notice for curiosity if you go into the house once finished and go back out, you will see chicory sleeping somewhere on the porch. Worth the checkout if you want to see a sleeping dog!


There are ten Zombie Dust Bags and one Life Heart. A Transit is available.