Professor Ethel is a reptilian turtle-like creature met by Vince after fighting the Bone Goliath. She is also the first person you meet in Roachfort. Ethel agrees to help Vince find Madame Charmaine but only if Vince gets the parts for a hot air balloon that she is making. The parts consist of Cloth, a Propeller, and some Gas. Once Vince gets all these items back to Ethel, she'll finish her balloon and take Vince along with her. That is until the balloon doesn't get enough lift, and Ethel has to lose some 'dead weight.' Even though there are countless other heavy objects in the balloon, she throws Vince out of the balloon and back into the main room of Roachfort where he has to fight the second boss in the game, Two Eyes.

Personality Edit

Ethel mostly seems lazy. Always trying to find a way to get Vince to do her dirty work. She seems quite intelligent however, knowing what parts to make her hot air balloon.

Trivia Edit

  • Professor Ethel is voiced by the same voice actor who did the voice for Kosmo. Surprising, isn't it?

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Achievements Edit

Achievement persistentlittlefella

Persistent Little Fella Edit

Get all parts for Ethel's balloon