Rat Rodeo is the final level in the Crypt City section, as well as the final boss of the section, witch is a giant statue. You start off, hopping down onto a over-sized rat, before a white cowboy hat falls on Vince. Vince questions this right when Kosmo The Inscrutable shows up, saying "Gidde up, cowboy!" Before using his magic to bring the statue to life, forcing you to fight it.

Main Goal In Level Edit

The main goal is to defeat the boss while riding on a giant rat, this boss can be a bit of an annoyance, but


it is easy once you get the hang of it. You need to use the environment to cause a voodoo power to defeat the evil statue.

How To Beat The Boss Edit

The only way to defeat the statue is to avoid it's attacks while riding the rat, it will then attack one last time to make debris fall from the ceiling. You have to make Vince get crushed by these boulders to enflict damage on the statue, every time the statue gets damaged, it will stomp, making pits in the floor, making it harder, due to you having to dodge the bosses attacks while avoiding the pits.

Rat race rodeo statue