Reggie and Primo are two gas pump mini-bosses in the Main Street section of the game. They can't move around, but they can attack by throwing wrenches and other tools at Vince when he is in range. Madam Charmaine warns Vince about Reggie and Primo once he enters the area, stating that they "rule this intersection." Vince also needs gas to operate the steamroller to get threw the gate leading to the next level, and these two are the ones getting in the way with that.

Personalities Edit

These two are both cocky, but Reggie ( The one on the left ) Is more cocky then his partner, Primo. They both taunt Vince with insults like "Runt" and "Wimp." Primo ( The one on the right ) is portrayed to be a more dumb then Reggie, seeing his appearance and in their concept art. They both block the only exit out of the level. Even when they both get blown up, Reggie's head still taunts Vince and threatens to kick his butt.

Appearance Edit

Reggie and Primo look to be old fashioned gas pumps from possibly the late 1920's. Reggie seems to be a light red in color, with Primo being a dark purple. They seem to be wearing crowns as well.

How to Defeat Edit

If Vince comes to close the the duo, they will start to throw wrenches, empty gas cans and more at him. The only way to defeat Reggie and Primo is to catch Vince on fire by the rocket emitting fire as well as the steam pipes around the level to keep Vince lit. Once you reach the two gas pumps, a cutscene will play of them catching on fire and exploding. Vince then gets a can of gas, saying "It couldn't happen to two nicer guys." before doing a short dance, after that all the pieces from the two fall from the sky, as well as Reggie's head. Reggie then taunts Vince again saying "I'm gonna kick your butt, wimp." The cutscene then ends and now Vince has to fill up the steamroller with the gas. With Reggie still taunting him, Vince flattens Reggie, shutting him up and defeating him.

Trivia Edit

  • The names "Reggie" and "Primo" are likely a pun on Regular and Premium gas.

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Achievement greatdollsoffire

Great Dolls of Fire Edit

Blow up Reggie & Primo