Voodoo Vince - Roachfort The Rocket Lab XBOX Gameplay-0

Voodoo Vince - Roachfort The Rocket Lab XBOX Gameplay-0

A little walkabout in the Rocket lab by Myduis.

The Rocket lab, Professor Ethel's old, long lost lab is the pre-level of where the fuel tank is delivered to her. This level does not consist of any monsters.

Objective Edit

Notice the blocked tunnel near the entrance, as Vince just has to proceed to the bottom and pick up the Fuel Tank. You cannot leave it on the ground, get in contact with fire or fall from a high place carrying it. Unless it will combust and you have to make the trip again. Try to make your way up to the blocked door frame. When you reached the first fire breathing sequence, you can walk behind the burner. The next sequence to watch out for is when you are going down the elevator, time yourself properly or else you will have to do the trip again. Go to the block tunnel and leave the Fuel Tank on the ground right in front. This will blow it open and there is another canister here. This will save you some travel time. From here, make your way across the flames, put the Fuel Tank at the action pad beside the plane. Taking the plane will take you to a ride back to Ethel's new lab which is the next level.


This level contains two hearts and fifteen Zombie Dust Bags.


There are two zombie dust bags on the top pipe, so Vince'll have to hover down from the top platform to the pipe.

The switch behind the blocked tunnel opens a door leading to the bottom and Vince will see a passage beside him after activating the switch. This will lead down to three bags, a heart and the same fuel tank Vince met in the bottom.

When Vince is burning and touches the fuel container, it'll still go off even though Vince stays where the tank was meant to be.