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Vince Spinning

Spinning is one of Vince's non-voodoo attacks which is performed with the B button and is good for combat and when airborne. Spinning while mid-air is introduced in Roachfort for Vince to Travel further in the air, but if he pauses short after the first jump, jumps then spins, the travels higher and further than the no-pause double jump then spin.

Jumping techniques (spinning included)Edit

A: Jump

A, A: Double Jump

A, A, B: Double Jump followed by a spin. Use this move to jump further.

A, pause, A, Hold Left Trigger, B: Delayed Double Jump. Vince can jump Higher and further. The pause is a short pause, try it a few times and you should get the feeling.

Run, A, pause, A, Hold Left Trigger, B: Super Jump. The jump that gives Vince the most distance and atitude. If this jump isn't mastered you won't be able to complete the game.