The Back Stoop is the very first level in the game, and unsurprisingly, functions as a tutorial.

Vince finds his first voodoo power here, and (or at least should've) used it on the nearby group of monsters.

Kosmo the Inscrutable appears partway through the level, trying to find his worthy opponent. Upon seeing Vince, Kosmo bursts into laughter. Vince eventually gets tired of this, and pulls one of his head pins, and aims his finger at Kosmo. Kosmo asks "Why are you looking at me like that?" Vince throws the pin at kosmo, making him vanish. Vince then complains about Kosmo "dragging me out on a night like this" and continues the level as if nothing had ever happened.

  • (Possibly a bug or dev tool). If you collect one of the bags behind the pot plant first, your Zombie Dust counter quantity is set to 91 instead of just adding 1.