For the character of the same name, see The Busy Butler (character).

The Busy Butler is the third level of Brusque manor, where Vince follows a ghost butler trough a bottomless pit  with nothing but the zombie dust bags. In order for Vince to get across, he must step on the blue patches the butler leaves behind or Vince will fall down to the void, so you'll have to bring a lot of extra lives with you while playing. When Vince makes it across, he's introduced to Dolly, an ally (untill Kosmo turns her evil at the end of the area). She'll open a shortcut in the bookshelf which'll contain the Iron Maiden Voodoo Icon. After doing stuff and exiting your second visit to the Busy Butler level, The Butler herself will head trough the floor three and Vince will have to step on the blue patches to the Angry god Voodoo Icon, the next level and the swing pin (also usable in where Vince followed the butler on the third floor).