The Square is the Fourth level in Voodoo Vince and the home to the Natural Science museum which is where the Bone Goliath is located. In order to access it, Vince must play some Jazz with Bones McMurty, a skeleton Jazz musician.

Voodoo Vince - The Quarter The Square

Voodoo Vince - The Quarter The Square

A short Preview of the square.

Vince has to ascend to the clock tower and change time. First, he must jump on the windowsills, Collecting ten skull pages on the way. then Vince will grab an apple (collecting three pages before that), then collecting seven Skull pages in a jump and hover pattern or could modify time right now anyway. (The final ten skull pages are located over the void in a jumping pattern)

The purpose of the apple is feeding it to the living horse statue and making an action pad appear. When vince interacts with it, the Horse will kick him up to the top of the clock tower. Vince must change the time to five Post Meridian, pick up the mask, then participate in the costume ball. He will receive enough money to purchase the trumpet in the pawn shop. Vince must turn time nine to twelve hours back and buy the trumpet. Finally, He must set the time to midnight and participate in the Jazz Rooster, then proceed to play along with Bones. He will let Vince through to five Zombie dust bags and the boss battle.


Vince in front of Madame Coffman's Risky Burlesque which is open from eight to eleven Post Meridian.


There are forty-five zombie dust bags, thirty skull pages and two hearts.


If Vince Enters a store empty-handed, he'll get kicked out and say something snarky.

Time never changes, which means Vince can't wait three more hours for the next store to close and the other one to open as time starts at Four PM. (No store operates at that time.)

The Power Skull will start on one of the platforms behind the clock tower. When interacted, it will head down to Madame Coffman's, turn around to ascend trough the left side of the clock tower and will proceed trough of the building roofs and will stop at the end of the second from right where there is a heart in font of one of the attic windows. Here's a shortcut: Hover on top of one of the torn shades on the first one from right and jump atop the roof. Afterwards, jump onto the next, then proceed to the far right edge to wait for the skull there.

When jumps on a clock tower windowsill, it will be viewed in two dimensional, three when he is atop the clock tower.