Janice (or Two-Eyes, the name given by Vince) is the boss of Roachfort. When Vince is thrown from the balloon and abandoned by Professor Ethel, he sarcastically asks "What now? The obligatory boss battle?". After a silence, a cyclopean alligator emerges from the water, to which Vince comments on the lazy design. The creature then reveals a second head and frontal pair of legs replacing its lower half, this head also having a single eye. After once more criticizing the lack of originality towards this creatures design, the first head then shines a beam of light from its eyes upon Vince, burning him and prompting him to name the monster "Two Eyes".


Janice resembles an alligator that is connected by its abdomen by a symmetrically identical alligator body. The creature's skin is a pale green, fitting for the sewer like environment, and its eyes are bright red. Both heads of the creature are cyclopean, their singular eyes able to emit a concentrated light that burns Vince when he's in its path. Another feature is a metal trampoline that protrudes from its central spine, which Vince uses to bounce to the hanging platform above the arena.

How to DefeatEdit

Janice's pattern is to simply roam the arena along the edge in a counter clockwise motion, all the while shining its emitted beams of light upon the opposite walls and platform. On both sides of the arena is three sets of rising and falling platforms for Vince to scale. Vince must wait for Janice to roam towards his side of the platform and bounce on the trampoline on the creature's back, sending him upwards to the circular platform above. Upon pulling the lever upon this platform, a spike trap in the center of the arena will open, but will eventually close after a set amount of time. Vince must the fall from the platform and land inside the trap, which damages the creature. After completing this action three times, the boss is defeated.

Trivia Edit

  • Janice is the only boss in the game that isn't conjured up by Kosmo.
  • The theme that plays in the Boss Battle is titled "wrathofjanice" in the game files.

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Achievements Edit

Achievement oneheadisbetterthantwo

One Head Is Better Than Two Edit

Defeat Janice in the Central Arena