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Vince's Theme, or Vince the Voodoo Doll, is the theme song of the game Voodoo Vince. While most of the game's soundtrack was composed by Steve Kirk, the music and lyrics of Vince's Theme were written by Clayton Kauzlaric.[1]


Vince, the voodoo doll!
A phenomenon known to just a few.
That voodoo doll!
He jumped out of some wacky magic brew.
And that's not all!
Things are getting so strange since he came 'round.
A voodoo brawl!
There's a mystery taking over town.

He's just a little fella made of burlap and thread.
He looks a little funny with those pins in his head.
His cause and effect isn't really correct,
But he still fills the bad guys with dread!

Vince, the voodoo doll!
You're gonna feel full when he has lunch.
A voodoo doll!
You're gonna feel bad when he goes crunch...
Against the wall!
And if he should slip, you're gonna take...
A voodoo fall!
He's a hero who's just ten inches tall!

Vince the voodoo doll!

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