Zombie dust is a strange blue powder with magical properties. It is often found in small bags. Kosmo The Inscrutable has, according to Madam Charmaine, attempted many times to get his hands on her Zombie dust, and, at the beginning of Voodoo Vince, succeeds when his henchmen (Jeb and Fingers) are sent to retrieve some from her shop. The ensuing chaos of this is what causes Vince to come to life, as well as, following the stealing of the zombie dust, 'bending and warping' of reality.

Purpose In-GameEdit

When Vince collects 100 bags of zombie dust, he gains a life.

"The Zombie Dust bags are bright blue with a skull on top. They are identified by purple particles emitting from them."


"Zombie dust is the sparkly blue stuff that bestows mojo on everyday items and brings them to life. There are two forms of zombie dust; motes and bags. Motes can be knocked from dust-enhanced creatures. Pick them up to restore your doll's mojo. Collecting enough dust bags will increase the maximum capacity of your doll's health meter!" ~ The manual, chapter VI.

Dustbag voodooshop

Zombie dust in Madame Charmaine's shop, about to be stolen by Jeb and Fingers

  • Dust Bags - when 100 are collected, Vince gains extra health and a life heart.
  • Dust Motes - dropped by monsters when they die, used to refil Vince's health meter.